Fans are getting ready to watch NCAA college football live on TV or live online with various sources this coming week and weekend!  The season kicks off on Thursday, August 29th with games running through the weekend and even into Monday.  The top 25 teams in the land will all be looking to get off to a good start.  Sports enthusiasts will be happy to know, we’ve highlighted some of the key TV and live streaming online college football matchups for week 1!

The reigning champions are of course the Alabama Crimson Tide and they’ll start the season off as the top dogs.  For those fans who want to get a quick refresher of the top teams in the nation, listed below is the current AP Top 25 for NCAA heading into the 2013-14 season.  After the list, we’ll break down the games to watch on TV and live streaming online starting Thursday and running through Monday’s schedule for Week 1.

AP Top 25 for NCAA Week 1:

1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Oregon
4 Stanford
5 Georgia
6 South Carolina
7 Texas A&M
8 Clemson
9 Louisville
10 Florida
11 Florida State
12 LSU
13 Oklahoma State
14 Notre Dame
15 Texas
16 Oklahoma
17 Michigan
18 Nebraska
19 Boise State
20 TCU
22 Northwestern
23 Wisconsin
24 USC
25 Oregon State

On the upcoming TV and live stream schedule for NCAA football games, we’ve got five straight days and nights of matchups to keep an eye on.  The avid college sports fan won’t go bored with the lineup coming up to kick things off!  Games can be watched on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN U, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network, CBS, NBC and other affiliate stations around the country.

Thursday, AUG 29:
Games will be live streaming online via the ESPN channels as well as their live streaming online sites, ESPN3 and WatchESPN, beginning on Thursday. Below are just a few of the key games from the first day of the schedule.

06:00 PM EDT North Carolina vs. #6 South Carolina (ESPN, WatchESPN)
11:00 PM EDT #24 USC at Hawaii (CBS Sports Network)

Friday, AUG 30:
There’s no ranked teams in action on Friday’s schedule, but a few worth keeping an eye on including Miami Florida, Texas Tech and Michigan State.

8:00 PM Western Michigan at Michigan State (Big Ten Network)
8:00 PM Florida Atlantic at Miami (FL)
8:00 PM Texas Tech at Southern Methodist

Saturday, AUG 31:
Saturday offers the most robust day of the schedule in terms of variety with a lot of the top 25 schools in action. That includes 12 p.m. EST games for #2 Ohio State and #23 Wisconsin. Also playing on Saturday will be #14 Notre Dame, #17 Michigan, #3 Oregon, and #1 Alabama.

12:00 PM Buffalo vs. #2 Ohio State (ESPN2/WatchESPN)
12:00 PM Massachusetts vs.#23 Wisconsin (Big Ten Network)
12:21 PM Toledo vs. No. 10 Florida ESPN 3
1:00 PM Rice vs. No. 7 Texas A&M (ESPN/WatchESPN)
3:30 PM Mississippi State vs. No. 13 Oklahoma State (ABC/ESPN2/WatchESPN)
3:30 PM Temple vs. #14 Notre Dame (NBC/NBC Sports Live Extra)*
3:30 PM Central Michigan vs. #17 Michigan (Big Ten Network)
3:30 PM Syracuse vs. Penn State (ABC, ESPN2, WatchESPN)
5:30 PM #1 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (ESPN/WatchESPN)
8:00 PM No. 5 Georgia vs. No. 8 Clemson (ABC)
9:00 PM No. 12 LSU vs. No. 20 TCU (ESPN/WatchESPN)

Sunday, SEPT 1:
3:30 PM Ohio vs. #9 Louisville (ESPN/WatchESPN)

Monday, SEPT 2:
8:00 PM No. 11 Florida State at Pittsburgh (ESPN/WatchESPN)

Many of the games listed above will be live streaming online.  Some of them are streaming via the ESPN3 broadband service which is free to most online users who head to the website.  However, the games listed as WatchESPN may only be available if a viewer is a paying cable or satellite customer with access to the live stream WatchESPN service.  See more details here on how to watch online.

The Temple vs. Notre Dame game listed for Saturday, Aug. 31 should be live on TV via NBC and local affiliates, and may be live streaming online at NBC Sports Live Extra.

Live TV viewers may also want to look into ESPN’s pay-per-view package available here called Gameplan which will allow for viewing of various “out of market” college football games throughout the season.

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